Choose Safe Pain Relievers for Your Dogs

Choosing pain relievers that are safer for your dog is really a very hard thing to do as it may take you much time in research and figuring out the safest ones. In the previous era, dogs were neutered or sprayed in hospital for any treatment or surgery but they were not given with any medication for getting relieved from any pain. This generation, there are many medicines that are available in the market in the form of pain killers It is necessary for you to keep updated to know which are the safest ones as there are chances for some of these medicines to get banned due to the intensive side effects of using them which would be revealed only after some years of researches. A new form of NSAIDs are available that can provide relief to joint problems, pain after any kind of surgery or arthritis.

These drugs are much valuable and can be helpful in providing the body of dogs with great relief from pain. NSAIDs come with many side effects like any other medication. The adverse reactions from them are mild but some can be serious to the dogs if they are caused by the improper intake of the medication not following the directions. It is necessary for the individuals to go for the best kind of the drugs that do not cause any kind of issues to the dogs which are very severe. The pet owners need to be aware of the various conditions that the pets are going through and should discuss the same with the vets before getting any medicine for their dogs.


It is always good for you to consult the veterinarian before starting to give acetaminophen to your dog. There are chances for this medication to be overused easily if you do not have idea about the safe dosage of it. There are chances for kidney and liver damages to occur due to the overuse of this medication. If you are advised to give acetaminophen to your dogs other than the drugs that are approved for usage in the dogs, the dosage should not exceed 10 milligrams for every pound of your dog. Along with that there are chances for your dog to go through very bad side effects if more than two doses of the medicine is given to it. pain reliever for your dog

Giving Aspiring to Dog

Aspiring is a pain reliever which is frequently used in dogs for treating join pain. It can also be helpful in thinning blood and reducing fever. You can get advice from your veterinarian about the correct dosage for the dog. Aspirin is considered as the safest pain killer used on dogs. There are contradictions on it as the effects of this drug on dogs can vary from one another due to the various changes in them which include some form of ailments and also the intake of certain medications. It is better for the dogs that have kidney diseases to avoid the intake of this medication as this drug can slow down the flow of blood towards kidney and through which some form of extreme damage can occur to the kidneys that have already got some form of ailment.


Tramadol is a kind of NSAID that is commonly used in dogs in the form of pain killer. Tramadol for dogs is also not suitable for the dogs that have some kidney, liver or blood disorder. The dogs that have gastric ulcers also should not have this medication. Tramadol can cause very mild side effects in normal cases that include constipation and stomach upset. Lethargy is a symptom that is seen among the dogs that have taken an overdose of tramadol.

Why to Avoid Ibuprofen

Ibuprofen is used as a common medication by the pet owners for making their pets come out of many of the ailments. The saddest part is that many of the dogs are getting hospitalized every year due to poisoning from this medication. It is not good for you to give this medication to your dog without consulting vet. Many of the vets do not even consult this drug as it is something that can be easily overdosed. Overdose of this drug can result in stomach ulcers that bleed.

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What to Look For If You Suspect Your Dog Is Sick

Sometimes the signs of sickness of your dog are clear when he gets affected under changing weather conditions but sometimes the symptoms of his sickness are so faint that you normally overlook them. But if you suspect their sickness then you will have to observe them minutely. What to look for if you suspect your dog is sick is the major question you will have to care for in such condition. You will have to observe his energy level, eating pattern, variation in his behavioral and physical activities along with the changes in his mood as they can tell you about his sickness.

Dogs usually hide their sickness due to the fear of being removed from the house but you can easily recognize his illness with the help of observing his signals minutely. Brief information about some of these symptoms is provided here under for you guidance.

Change in their energy level

Energy levels of the dogs rise and fall daily, like humans, depending upon various factors including their activities and weather changes. If you dog shows following symptoms for several days then you should immediately consult your vet:

sick dog

  • Lethargic activity
  • Unusual or excessive sleep
  • Paces or acts restlessly
  • Indifferent behavior in his favorite activities like going for a walk or fetching ball etc
  • Change in eating pattern

If the appetite of your dog is affected for more than two days then he might be experiencing digestive problem due to minor virus in his digestive system. This change in his eating habits may indicate the occurrence of some serious health problem to him. You should contact your vet if your dog shows dramatic change in his eating habits, given here under, and continues this change for several days.

  • If your dog becomes choosy even while eating his favorite food
  • Shows disinterest in eating or eats much less than his actual diet
  • Vomits after eating food
  • Sudden increase in greed for food
  • Behavioral and physical changes

Some of the behavioral and physical changes in your dog, listed here under, can also indicate towards his sickness.

  • Loss or overly gained balance in the body
  • Sunken or watery eyes
  • Rapid gain or loss in his weight
  • Urinating at unusual places in the house or outside
  • Irregular and frequent or lack of bowel movements
  • Discharging or smelling ears
  • Coughing
  • Excessive drinking of water
  • Whole day breathlessness particularly while going to sleep
  • Changes in mood

Your dog can be sick if starts staying idle in the corner of your house instead of going out in his daily routine. If your dog gets aggressive to the children with whom he liked to play and behave gently then it is a clear indication of his sickness.

Thus if you suspect that your dog is sick with the help of the symptoms given here above then you should immediately seek appointment from your vet. But, even in the absence of any of the above stated symptoms, you should visit your vet for a thorough check up, if you suspect his illness.

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